Which Cricket Bowling Machine is Right for Me?

If, you’re thinking about buying a bowling machine or a cricket ball machine, but wondering which option is best for you, then this article should provide some decent insights.


The Basics – Why do I need a Bowling Machine?

Cricket is an individual sport, played within a team environment.  So, it can often be very difficult to find training partners if you’re looking to do extra work on your own skill development.  This is why bowling machines can be so useful for all cricketers.  Allowing players, the opportunity to train by themselves, and improve their game whilst having fun.   Whether you’re a batsman, bowler, or specialist fieldsman everyone loves striking the cricket ball.  Bowling machines enable all players the opportunity to hit balls repetitiously.

However, if you’re going to purchase a bowling machine, you’ll first need to answer several key questions to maximise your experience.

Do I need easy set-up and portability?

Many machines can limit you to training at specific indoor facilities, as they are very heavy and almost impossible to move single handedly.  So, firstly consider, if you’d like to get a unit that you can manage and transport yourself.

Also, some bowling machines can only run on plug-in mains power.  Meaning you’ll need to be training close to a power point and have a long extension cord at the nets.  So, consider whether you want additional flexibility with a battery or rechargeable battery operation.  Then, YOU CAN USE IT ANYWHERE!!! And potentially bypass the queues at the local cricket nets or an overcrowded indoor cricket centre. Sometimes we just want to practise by ourselves and enjoy the wonderful game of cricket.

When researching, you’ll discover a lot of cricket machines and training aids on the market, but you should check out a  Joe Root bowling machine:  https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-ball-launcher/

We like them, as they’re super easy to set up and transport.  Put it in your car, or even carry it down to the local nets for some cricket action! Set it up time is only 3-5 minutes, or less, and the unique ultra-light lithium rechargeable battery will give you three to four hour of cricket skills training and fun! They can also operate on mains power, providing even greater flexibility.

If that doesn’t fit the bill, then there are smaller sized cricket ball machines, including the ball feeder https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-ball-feeder/ and the Jo Root Academy ball reactor https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-reactor/ , which are perfect for some backyard action, and, if you’re allowed, even on the back deck!

What’s my budget?

The high-end cricket bowling machines, like Bola https://bolaaustralia.com.au/products come in at $4000-$5000 dollars and are very specific for advanced, semi-professional, or professional players.  Unfortunately, these machines are not very kid or beginner friendly.  So, you might want to check out other options, like the Joe Root Academy products. They can cater for all levels of experience and are the best value for money on the market, with prices ranging from $135 – $360.  These prices allow so many more families and young cricketers to purchase a cricket training aid and continue to improve playing the game.

Also, it’s worth noting that, to visit an indoor centre, and hire a bowling machine will cost from $60-$80 per hour.  However, to purchase the Joe Rooty Ball Feeder, which is their top of the range bowling machine, it will cost around $360.  A significant saving if you plan on practising an extra 1-2 hours per week, often during pre-season.  So, it’s a quality product which won’t break your bank!

Is Safety an Issue?

During your evaluation process, check out what practice balls your device uses. Many cricket bowling machines use hard dimple balls, which are often intimidating for young players and the speeds often too fast.  The great thing about Joe Root Academy machines from Australian Sports Camps ( https://australiansportscamps.com.au/  ) are the softer balls (which still come on like a hard ball), but allow less advanced players to feel more confident.

Is it capable of self-operation?

Check whether the bowling machine options you’re interested in, come with auto feed arms which allows you to set it up, and then away you go by yourself!  But, if you are feeling like some company get your friends, friends along and they can feed for you and get involved.

Which product suits you best? Which skills are you trying to improve?

Really consider which skills you’re trying to improve, because different bowling machines focus on different areas of skill development. For instance, in the Joe Root Range:

Cricket Bowling Machine - Joe Root Ball Launcher

The Ball Launcher https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-ball-launcher/  is a perfect club training ball machine to enhance your batting skills!  This bowling machine has multiple speeds and settings, for children and adults of all ages.  The balls come out at pitch length, emulating facing a bowler off the 22-yard length.  A great product to take down to the local cricket nets or use during centre wicket training.

The Ball Feeder  https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-ball-feeder/ is a great way to improve your game against spin bowling.  Set the machine up 5-6 metres away, and the loop which the balls come out of enables you to practise using your feet to match the spin type loop of the ball.  Also, because it operates at a slower pace, it’s a great way to introduce junior players to a bowling machine.

The Ball Reactor https://productsshop.australiansportscamps.com.au/product/r66t-academy-reactor/ is a technique specific bowling machine.  Perfect for practising one or two new cricket shots and improving them through repetition.  This machine is very accurate in where the ball lands, allowing you to nail a new cut, put, sweep, or drive.  Like the ball feeder, it is also a great product for younger, less experienced, players who might be intimidated by regular short pitch bowling.  This way you adjust the machine and have them face regular balls like they would face on game day.

Is endorsement important to you? 

Lastly, you might like to consider if the products you’re using have been endorsed, or better still used by leading players.  For instance, the Joe Root cricket training aids have been developed and created by not only Joe Root but coaches who have been nurturing and developing players for many years all over the world.  One of the world’s best batsmen, Joe Root himself uses all these aids to keep his skills sharp. So, don’t miss an opportunity to purchase your own Joe Root bowling machine.  Visit https://australiansportscamps.com.au/product-shop


So, we hope you found this guide useful and that it’s provided a good list of things to consider in your purchasing decision. Cricket bowling machines are a fantastic training aid for all aspiring cricketers.  Whether you’re looking at improving your technique, having some fun in the backyard, or using as a club training, choosing the right device will benefit your game!

This article was written by Peter Dickson from Australian Sports Camps Pty. Ltd. Peter, is himself a premier cricket player and passionate about teaching and promoting the great sport of cricket.

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