How Have Technological Changes Affected Junior Netball?
In Articles by scott / 6 August, 2019
The world of sport is continually evolving.  And, the use of technology is just one aspect that's had an enormous impact on the way we spectate, play and experience the modern sport. The advancements of technology use in the sport over the last 200 years have not only changed professional sport dramatically, but it has also impacted sports at the grassroots level. Junior netball might not have the action replays and GPS tracking technology that is used by the pros. However, the improvements made....
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Simple Netball Drills easily Practiced at Home
In Articles by Australian Sports Camps / 12 November, 2018
Like basketball, you don’t actually need a ring to practice simple netball drills at home.  Having access to a netball ring at home or nearby is great for your child to practice their shooting, however, there are many more skills to the game of netball that your child can develop on without access to a ring.  Such skills include: Passing Catching Footwork Pivoting Agility Hand-eye coordination Netball is a fast-paced sport and these skills are highly valuable no matter wha....
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