Thank you for the summer, elite sporting friends!

It was our pleasure to deliver the ASC summer sports camp schedule to well over 2300 children across the nation over the past six weeks. Without a doubt, participants in all of our sports challenged themselves under the guidance of fantastic coaches and talented elite players. We would like to thank all of the following fantastic elite level players who supported our experienced coaching panels at each camp across the nation:



  • Jason Cadee
  • Corban Wroe
  • Amy Lewis
  • Lauren Scherf
  • Igor Hadziomerovic
  • Colleen Planeta
  • Sam Mackinnon and
  • Alex Moore-Porter


  • Justin Langer
  • Terry Alderman
  • Tom Hogan
  • Adam Voges
  • Geoff Marsh
  • Mitch Marsh
  • Sam Whiteman
  • Andrew Tye
  • Joel Paris
  • Simon Mackin
  • Josh Nicholas
  • Travis Dean
  • Dean Jones
  • Michael Beer
  • Ray Bright
  • Peter George
  • Doug Walters
  • Kurtis Patterson


  • Maartje Goderie
  • Kate Hollywood


  • Gretel Tippett
  • Laura Clemesha
  • Kim Ravaillion
  • Kaylia Stanton
  • Shannon Eagland
  • Kate Moloney
  • Liz Watson
  • Claire O’Brien
  • Kristina Brice


  • Melissa Barbieri
  • Massimo Murdocca
  • Nina Frausing-Pedersen
  • Jack Hingert
  • Caitlin Munoz.

We are especially looking forward to releasing details for our Autumn camp schedule! It should be noted, we have forty-nine camps scheduled across the holiday period so we look forward to again bringing high level coaching to you! Who will be coaching you this Easter?

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