Aussie Sports That Kids Can Play All Year Round

Keeping your child active and involved in sports all year-round can be quite easy with a little research and the help of this article. Developing a simple calendar of sports that run at different times of the year can help you plan and there are even some sports that are played 12 months of the year to ensure your child always has something to keep them fit, healthy, active and occupied. Depending on what types of sports interest your child will determine what sports off this list you want to include in your calendar. Some kids enjoy sports with lots of physical contact, others prefer non-contact sports. Some kids enjoy team sports, whereas others prefer to play as individuals. Whatever the case, we’re providing a comprehensive selection, with some basic information about each.  This will help you get underway.

Winter Sports

In Australia, we generally associate Winter with football time.  And, there are several codes that involve both boys and girls in.  Also, there are also a number of other sports that have competitions running through the winter such as netball and hockey. You’ll find that, although many of these sports are considered winter sports, they will actually start pre-season training in early autumn and will finish in the Spring giving you a good 6 months of sporting activity.

Aussie Rules Football

football-campsAussie rules is a hugely popular sport played in every state across Australia. Although most popular in southern states such as Victoria and South Australia there are junior clubs across the country. You play Aussie Rules on a large oval field.  With, between 2 teams of 18 players per side.  It’s a fast paced, high intensity game that helps to develop cardiovascular fitness, strength and hand-eye coordination skills. Enrol your child in a locally run Aussie Rules Training Camp.  

Rugby League

brisbane-holiday-programsRugby League is a full contact sport that helps to develop strength, power and agility. With its roots based in New South Wales and Queensland, Rugby League has a huge following in these northern states. Played on a rectangular field with 13 players on each side, the object of the game is to break through the defensive line of the opposition team and score by running the ball over the try line. There are also similar, non-contact versions of rugby league.  Making, “Touch football”, a great alternative social sport with less physicality. Enrol your child in a locally run Rugby League Training Camp

Rugby Union

Rugby Union is similar in many ways to Rugby League except that it is a lot freer flowing and requires more cardiovascular fitness. Also, there is a lot more kicking involved in this fast-paced game.  Where 15 players are on the field for each team at any one time. Rugby Union is very popular all around the world with teams hailing from England, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and France being some of the most competitive in world. Enrol your child in a locally run Rugby Union Training Camp


soccer-campsThe most popular sport in the world is gaining more and more popularity in Australia and is now the number one sport for kids in the country. Requiring great foot skills, speed and agility, soccer offers fast-pace and fun.  This sport is played between two teams of 11 players, each on the field at the same time. Moreover, this is a great sport for young kids starting in sports.  As, the entry level skills are very simple and it is a low contact sport for both boys and girls to enjoy. Enrol your child in a locally run Soccer Training Camp


netball-campsNetball is played both indoors and outdoors and for that reason it can be played all year round.  Though generally netball seasons occur during  winter, alongside the football codes. It’s fast with plenty of action.  Also, promoting great agility, speed and hand eye-coordination. In the past, netball has been very popular amongst girls, but has recently seen a large increase in young boys playing in mixed competitions as well. Enrol your child in a locally run Netball Training Camp


hockey-campsHockey is another sport that has both indoor and outdoor competitions. Field hockey is the outdoor version.  And, is generally played in the winter between two teams of 11 opposing players. Each player has a hockey stick and the objective of the game is to get the ball past the oppositions goal keeper and into the goal. Hockey is a very quick game and offers many benefits including improved hand-eye coordination, fitness and agility. Enrol your child in a locally run Hockey Training Camp

Summer Sports

When you turn on the Television in Australia, in the summer, there are two main sports that are likely to be on your screen; Cricket and Tennis. These two sports are national pastimes in Australia so let’s take a quick look at each of them individually:


australian-cricket-campsPlayed between alternating batting and bowling teams the batting team’s objective is to score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball and running between the wickets.  On the other hand, the bowling team is trying to get all 11 batsmen out from the batting team.  By either, hitting the wickets when bowling, catching a ball on the full off a batsman’s hit, or running a batsmen out before he can make it to the other end of the pitch. Cricket is a skilful game the develops hand-eye coordination, patience and concentration. Enrol your child in a locally run Cricket Training Camp


hobart-holiday-programsThe first and only individual sport on this list, tennis can also be played in teams of two but is more popular as a singles game. Tennis is a quick, high action game that develops fitness, hand eye coordination, speed, agility and concentration. Enrol your child in a locally run Tennis Training Camp

All Year-Round Sports


Last but not least, if you’re looking for a sport to play all year-round, basketball offers a simple, excitement filled solution. Generally played indoors, basketball is a fun, high energy sport that improves speed, agility, cardiovascular fitness and hand-eye-coordination. Played on a small court, basketball involves a lot of running and jumping so it’s a highly athletic sport that can be great to watch and even more fun to play for both boys and girls. Enrol your child in a locally run Basketball Training Camp

There’s No Rules

This article isn’t meant to be an exact science either.  As you can keep your children active in most sports all year round.  With both winter and summer leagues available to kids and adults throughout Australia.  So, check with your local club to find out more information about playing your favourite sport throughout all seasons. At Australian Sports Camps we offer sports camps, for all major Australian Sports, throughout the year, across major school holiday periods. Combining a mixture of these summer and winter sports, or focusing on an all year-round sport such as basketball, will help keep your child active and motivated through all the seasons, so sure to start planning your year ahead with some of these fun activities.

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