Learn Correct Sporting Conduct at Children’s Sports Camps
By Jonathan Smith / 28 November, 2019
Learning correct sporting conduct at a children's sports camp can have great benefits for participants.  Positive attitudes and correct sporting conduct make sport more enjoyable for everyone.  As well as creating the best environment for learning and development.  However, some players can ruin the experience with poor behaviour. Examples of poor behaviours could include harassing others, poor sportsmanship, foul language, bullying, taunting, victimisation, undue pressure and more. Bad condu....
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Learn Footwork Skills in ASC’s Basketball Camps
By Jonathan Smith / 6 November, 2019
Basketball in Australia is the second-most popular organised team sport behind AFL Football. With over 1 million participants in 2019, basketball proves to be a growing national sport for both men and woman of all ages!....
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5 Key Netball Skills You Can Expect to Learn at an ASC Netball Camp
By Australian Sports Camps / 14 October, 2019
Netball is one of the most popular sports played in Australia and worldwide. These days, netball is the biggest team sport in Australia, played by over 1.2 million men, women and children all over the country. Also, it’s the number one participation sport for Australian girls! (Netball Australia 2019, para. 2). Although netball is a non-contact sport, it’s a fast-paced and intensive game, offering multiple physical and mental benefits for players! Such as; improving hand-eye coordination, pro....
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How to Choose the Best Tennis Holiday Camp for Kids?
By Australian Sports Camps / 30 September, 2019
Tennis has long been embedded in Australian sporting culture. As one of the very few sports that you can play for a lifetime, tennis can provide health and lifestyle benefits to Australians of all ages! Furthermore, in terms of sporting development in children, playing tennis is a great option on many levels! It’s equally mental as it is physical, therefore promoting both strong psychological and physiological development. Including but not limited to; promoting teamwork, hand-eye coordination, ....
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5 Key Cricket Skills You Can Expect to Learn at an ASC Cricket Camp
By Australian Sports Camps / 11 September, 2019
Cricket is an extremely popular sport in Australia. Both at international, domestic, and local levels. From parents, juniors to “old faithfuls”, cricket is a game for everyone! With over 1.5 million Australian participants involved in 2017-18, and over 3500 cricket clubs currently throughout Australia (Cricket Australia 2019)! The benefits of Cricket are that it’s a fun, social game to play, that’s easy to learn! Also, boys and girls from as young as 5 years old can enjoy the game! Plus, you’....
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Exciting Things You Should Know About Upcoming Spring Camps 2019
By Australian Sports Camps / 29 August, 2019
Spring school holidays are just around the corner! And places are filling up fast for ASC Spring 2019 programs! For the past 36 years, Australian Sports Camps have been running the best in Sports Coaching Clinics across Australia. Our camps are for kids aged 6 – 16, for all levels & sporting abilities, and provide a structured coaching program for kids over a three-day period.  Our camps are a great way to trial sports to see whether it’s the right sport for your child and before committi....
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10 Useful Tips from Experienced Cricket Players & Coaches
By Australian Sports Camps / 14 August, 2019
The phrase “knowledge is power” is one that you might hear quite regularly throughout your life. The expression relates to how knowledge allows us to find new ways to solve a variety of issues. And additionally, how power is the ability or capability to do something. Ideally, the phrase states that the more information, education, and experience you have in a subject, the more ability you will have at your disposal to affect upon it. ....
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How Have Technological Changes Affected Junior Netball?
By scott / 6 August, 2019
The world of sport is continually evolving.  And, the use of technology is just one aspect that's had an enormous impact on the way we spectate, play and experience the modern sport. The advancements of technology use in the sport over the last 200 years have not only changed professional sport dramatically, but it has also impacted sports at the grassroots level. Junior netball might not have the action replays and GPS tracking technology that is used by the pros. However, the improvements made....
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Bullying in Youth Sports
By Naomi Hardy / 27 February, 2019
Read on to find out more for about bullying in youth sports.  As well as useful ideas and strategies to overcome this potentially harmful issue. In Australia, 1 in 4 students report incidences of bullying.  Unfortunately, many children won’t come forward about their experience for fear of making the bullying worse, meaning the actual number of children who experience bullying may be much higher than statistics indicate.  Bullying comes in many forms and is defined as repeated and intentional ....
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Parent Sideline Behaviour
By Ascha Boag / 27 February, 2019
There's no denying that parents are essential to youth sports. Without the active participation of parents, junior clubs would struggle to find players, coaches, administrators, referees, and spectators. Also, parents make financial, social and work sacrifices to keep their children in junior sport.  This is through paying for memberships, attending games and training sessions.  Unfortunately, some parents behave inappropriately at youth sporting matches.  So, while we all want our children to s....
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Kids Healthy and Easy Sports Snack Recipes – Before and After the Game
By Naomi Hardy / 26 February, 2019
At Australian Sports Camps, we're passionate about proper sports nutrition.  The food we consume is the fuel that powers us through the day.  So, it makes sense that your child athlete eats correctly, to ensure optimal performance.  This is especially so before and after a sports match, when your child is eating for energy or for recovery.  So, it makes sense to have several Kids Healthy and Easy Sports Snack Recipes on hand. In addition, you get the Nutrition tips for the winter. And also,  ....
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Advanced Netball Drills easily Practiced at Home
By Australian Sports Camps / 6 December, 2018
Undertaking our advanced netball drills are highly necessary if you're a young and experienced netballer ready to make that next step.  Taking that next step however requires high motivation and hard, consistent work.  Getting your child to undertake drills that reflect in-game situations as well as improve on their physical strength through our recommended advanced netball drills will enable them to greatly improve in becoming an advanced netball player! [custom_get_popup_button_for_pdf_guil....
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Celebrating Great Cricketers and Former Australian Sports Camps Cricket Coaching Directors | BIG BIRD
By Australian Sports Camps / 5 December, 2018
Joel Garner Known as 'Big Bird', Joel Garner, travelled to Australia for three consecutive summers during the late 1980s.   Joel took charge of the ASC cricket coaching camps held around Australia.  Back then, the Hilton Hotel was still opposite the MCG, and they were good enough to provide him with two months accommodation in December and January.  Consequently, this enabled Joel to move around the country with the Australian Sports Camps team, to coach cricketers aged 6 to 16. One of the Wor....
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Simple Netball Drills easily Practiced at Home
By Australian Sports Camps / 12 November, 2018
Like basketball, you don’t actually need a ring to practice simple netball drills at home.  Having access to a netball ring at home or nearby is great for your child to practice their shooting, however, there are many more skills to the game of netball that your child can develop on without access to a ring.  Such skills include: Passing Catching Footwork Pivoting Agility Hand-eye coordination Netball is a fast-paced sport and these skills are highly valuable no matter wha....
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Simple Basketball Drills easily Practiced at Home
By Australian Sports Camps / 4 November, 2018
If your child wants to get into the sport of basketball then you'll need some simple basketball drills that you can teach them to practice! Basketball is a sport we encourage kids to get into at a young age, due to the numerous benefits it offers both physically and socially.  It teaches hand-eye coordination, agility, teamwork, problem-solving, discipline and work ethic.  With such a fun and team-based focus, it’s no wonder that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Bask....
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Top Tips For Kids To Improve Your Tennis Game
By Australian Sports Camps / 26 February, 2018
Tennis is a great sport for kids.  So, we want them to have fun and be able to play to the best of their ability. Our following top tennis tips will provide help for just that.  Not only does tennis teach kids valuable life skills like concentration, dedication, tactical thinking and self-confidence.  But, it has a whole range of physical developmental benefits for them too.  Such as hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, balance and body coordination, flexibility, agility and speed. Mos....
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Rock Climbing For Kids – The Benefits
By Australian Sports Camps / 15 February, 2018
What are the benefits of rock climbing for kids?  As parents, when our children get to an age where we start thinking about involving them involved in a sport, rock climbing is not usually something that comes to mind. Many of us still hold the belief that rock climbing is something best suited to the adventurous adrenaline junkie and far too dangerous and unsuitable for children.  So, is rock climbing for kids a good sport?  What are the benefits? Rock Climbing For Kids Statistically, rock cl....
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Best Tennis Clubs In Melbourne For Kids
By Australian Sports Camps / 8 February, 2018
Tennis has long been embedded in the Australian sporting culture.  So, it should come as no surprise that there are over 1000 tennis courts around Victoria.  As well as, numerous tennis clubs in Melbourne. Also, Tennis is popular for having a social 'hit' with friends.  Also, being able to compete for a club at a young age.  Even just watching the sport as a spectator. Getting your kids involved in tennis will teach them valuable life skills.  Such as teamwork, dedication and self-confiden....
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