Exciting Things You Should Know About Upcoming Spring Camps 2019

Spring school holidays are just around the corner! And places are filling up fast for ASC Spring 2019 programs! For the past 36 years, Australian Sports Camps have been running the best in Sports Coaching Clinics across Australia. Our camps are for kids aged 6 — 16, for all levels & sporting abilities, and provide a structured coaching program for kids over a three-day period.  Our camps are a great way to trial sports to see whether it’s the right sport for your child and before committing to the costs of club membership or expensive sports gear. Additionally, Australian Sports Camps are also tailored for higher skilled players! Where your child will participate in more complex drills and activities, designed by our experienced coaches to further develop their sporting ability!  So, if you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know whether an ASC sports camp is a good fit for you or your child, then this guide is for you!

Read on to find out some exciting things to expect at our upcoming Spring camps 2019! 

Pro Athletes will be Attending each Sporting Camp! pro athletes

Over the last three decades, ASC has been very fortunate to have so many sporting personalities come along to our camps as guest coaches. At every single ASC holiday camp, participants will get the opportunity to meet and learn from professional athletes & sporting greats! With photo and autograph opportunities! Previous athletes who have attended ASC camps include; Kevin Sheedy (VIC), Justin Langer (WA), Callan Ward (NSW), Karen Paxman (VIC), Kate Moloney (VIC), Abbey McCulloch (NSW), Kaylia Stanton (ACT), Massimo Murdocca (VIC), Waseem Ahmad (VIC), Shaun Murphy (WA), and Kurtis Patterson (NSW)! These are just a handful of the talented guests ASC has had the privilege of working with over the years! By attending our Spring camps, participants can expect to meet elite sporting talent, ask them questions in a Q & A session, and learn some top tips on how to become the best player they can be! Click here to learn more about previous guest coaches at ASC!

Video Capture & Analysis

At every single ASC camp across Australia, an important aspect of our sporting programs is providing video capture & analysis of performance for all participants. Our experienced ASC staff uses the latest technology to record each participant in completing multi-faceted drills. With this recording, each camp has a designated analysis curriculum. Where our qualified coaches will be able to offer your child visual and personal feedback on their performance! The analysis discussion will also offer a constructive Q & A session with each group, identifying each participant’s strengths and weaknesses in their skillset, and presenting ideas on how you can improve upon them!  This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to visually see how they can improve their technique. And gain knowledgeable tips and insights from our coaches, in a classroom environment. 

Expect to really Hone and Develop Your Sporting SkillsAustralian Sports Camps

At Australian Sports Camps, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, educational, and fun sporting camps for all participants. Our goal is to provide structured skill-improvement camps where kids have fun whilst developing a deeper love and enthusiasm for their chosen sport.  By attending our camps, you should expect to really hone and develop your sporting skills for your chosen sport, with the assistance of our qualified and knowledgeable coaches. Australia wide we offer AFL, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Golf, Hockey, Ice Skating, Netball, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Sailing, Soccer, Table Tennis, and Tennis camps across all the major capital cities! At every camp, your child will improve upon the fundamentals of their chosen sport. Such as kicking, throwing, running, jumping, hopping, and catching. Additionally, they will practice more advanced sporting skills such as offensive & defensive tactics, footwork patterns, shooting form, correct positioning, and much, much more! There’s just no telling how much you can improve your skillset at an ASC camp! So, contact us today to find out which camp is for you! 

Expect to Make New Friends and Have Fun!

By attending one of our sporting camps. You should expect to meet many potential new friends and have heaps of fun! You’ll meet other kids who are of a similar age to yourself. Who also share the same passion and love for your chosen sport as you do! And with the help of our excellent staff. Our camps will always offer a supervised and fun environment, to ensure that each participant is safe and enjoying their experience!  ASC Sports camp Watch the adjacent video to learn more about our holiday programs! 

Group Prizes

An exciting aspect of our sporting camps is our group prizes! At the end of our 3-day camp period. Coaches will pick one participant from each group to win an autographed group prize award from our attending sporting talent. They select winners who demonstrate; enthusiasm, sporting development, trying your hardest, and good sportsmanship throughout the entire camp run!  Spring camps Lastly, we announce the Spring camp winners during our awards presentation at the end of day 3. 

ASC Scholarship Award

In addition to group prizes, there are more awards for you to win at our camps? At every single ASC camp across Australia, we present one lucky participant, from each camp, with the ASC Scholarship award. Our coaches collaborate to choose the lucky winner. And present the award to the one participant they believe tried their hardest every day. Showed up every day with a positive attitude, made the largest improvements in their sporting skills. And exemplified the best sportsmanship throughout the entire camp by supporting and helping others!  The Scholarship entitles the lucky winner to attend a future ASC sporting camp for FREE!. So, having more fun during the next school holidays! And, meeting more of your sporting heroes!   We do hope that you enjoyed this article! If you would like to find out more about us, please see http://shop.australiansportscamps.com.au/about-asc/.  In addition, you may have questions regarding our camps.  So, for all other enquiries please contact us on 1300 914 368! We look forward to seeing you at an ASC camp this Spring school holidays!

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