ASC are delighted to announce a school holiday Rowing program hosted in partnership with Rowing Australia


Rowing is a sport that works out your entire body, promotes team-building skills, leadership, and cooperation.  In conjunction with Rowing Australia and incorporating key aspects of their brilliant, “Riggers” rowing program, the design of our holiday camp program will allow participants to experience the fun of rowing in a safe and healthy environment.  Also, participants will develop their skills and confidence through simulated competition and participating in rowing game play.

School holiday rowing program

This Rowing program is guaranteed to be a hit with all kids. A proven, structured, worthwhile school holiday sports program.

  • 2 days coaching from 9am-3pm
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rowing
  • Ideal for children aged 11 to 16 years old; from first-timers to advanced rowers!

Delivered by qualified coaches, participants don’t need to have any prior rowing experience, and all equipment, including the boat and oars, is provided for their use while in the program.

  • Fun, educational and engaging
  • 12 hours coaching
  • A structured program for each age group level
Rowing coaching

Hit the water and lets get rowing

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Disclaimer: Guest coach attendances are camp-specific. Please refer to the ‘Guest Coaches’ tab on the camp page for further details. On occasion, talent appearances may alter due to matters outside of our control.