5 Key Cricket Skills You Can Expect to Learn at an ASC Cricket Camp

Cricket is an extremely popular sport in Australia. Both at international, domestic, and local levels. From parents, juniors to “old faithfuls”, cricket is a game for everyone! With over 1.5 million Australian participants involved in 2017-18, and over 3500 cricket clubs currently throughout Australia (Cricket Australia 2019)! The benefits of Cricket are that it’s a fun, social game to play, that’s easy to learn! Also, boys and girls from as young as 5 years old can enjoy the game! Plus, you’ll find that most schools will include cricket as part of their physical education curriculum and nearly every town and suburb will have cricket facilities and a team that plays in a local competition. So, when deciding on a great sport for your child to play to meet friends, have fun and get active, cricket is an ideal choice. And, at Australian Sports Camps, we offer structured and fun 3-day cricket camps for kids aged 6 — 16, for all levels and sporting abilities! Where our desired goal is to help kids improve their sporting skill set and have fun whilst developing a deeper love and enthusiasm for their chosen sport.   

So, in today’s article, we’ll discuss the 5 key Cricket Skills that your child can expect to learn by attending an ASC Cricket Camp. Read on to find out more! 

1. Hand-Eye Coordination and Batting Techniquecricket camp ASC

Arguably one of the most important facets of the game of cricket is to possess strong hand-eye co-ordination and batting technique. By attending an ASC cricket camp, you can expect to participate in various batting drills. Both in the nets and on the turf.  Our experienced coaches, design drills to help develop your batting technique! Also, you’ll get the opportunity to learn firsthand tips and tricks from our experienced coaching panel.  Plus, there are guest appearances by leading state or Australian players & coaches!  Camp participants will participate in drills that include front foot batting, cover drives, back foot plays, centre wicket play, bowling machines, game-day simulations, standstill hand-eye coordination drills, and running between the wickets! At Australian Sports Camps we strive to provide an innovative program. One that covers all facets of the game of cricket, and improve your skills and maximise enjoyment!  Watch the video below to see some highlights from our Justin Langer Cricket Camp 2016-2017 justin langer cricket camp

2. Hand-Eye Coordination with Throwing & Catching 

Whether you’re a beginner player or an advanced cricketer, one of the fundamentals of the game you need is fantastic catching technique.  Not to mention, an instinct for where the ball is going to drop. By attending one of our cricket camps, you can expect to receive dedicated training periods to develop your child’s catching and hand-eye co-ordination abilities! As seen in the video above! hand eye coordination Furthermore, ASC camps cater to young and inexperienced players by grouping participants of the same ability level and age together.  Also, our specialised skill development drills and training, designed by industry professionals, are adjusted based on the age and skill set of our participant groupings! Meaning that kids won’t need to worry about participating in drills that are too advanced for their current skill set. Therefore, everyone will be able to get the most out of every drill! And learn at their own pace whilst grasping all the basics necessary to improve their technique! 

3. Bowling Technique (Fast, Swing, and Spin)

Sports camp Australia ASCLearning a proper cricket bowling technique can be difficult for beginners.  So, it’s important to start slowly, get the technique right and then worry about the accuracy of the bowl later. Our program ensures that every participant is exposed to all styles of bowling, including fast, swing, and spin techniques!. Your child can expect to participate in drills that will not only improve their current techniques. But, to truly cement their understanding of the fundamentals and intricacies of bowling. Our camps are a great opportunity for your child to practice and discover their preferred bowling style! In addition, to providing your child with more bowling options come game day!  So, whether your child wants to learn how to fast bowl like Brett Lee or how to spin bowl like Shane Warne! ASC cricket camp is a great place to gain exposure in all styles of bowling!

4.  Fielding 

Fielding in cricket consists of several roles that cricket players must perform during a game. Including running, catching, collecting, and returning a ball that has been hit by the batsman. By attending one of our cricket camps, your child can expect to be involved in match-play sessions. As well as, various fitness drills! These drills will develop hand-eye coordination, throwing, gathering, fielding defensive tactics, teamwork, and agility! All the skills that are imperative for a good fieldsman! Furthermore, our fitness tests will help measure multiple aspects of fitness.  Such as, agility, vertical leap, reaction time, and aerobic power! Which are also important for fielding! These results are presented in a personalised report and feedback card for each participant! And, will provide a detailed outlook of your child’s performance and possible areas for improvement!

5. Wicket-keeping

ASC Cricket CampAt Australian Sports Camps, we believe that practising all aspects of a sport is the first step to having a long and fun sporting career. Although there’s usually only one wicket-keeper during a game of cricket, it’s important that all cricketers get exposure to the technical aspects of wicket-keeping! As, this gives players a greater understanding in all areas of the sport and really enhances your skill set!. For example, wicket-keeping is a great way to enhance your perception of how the ball travels down the pitch, both at fast speeds and slower swing-orientated deliveries. Not to mention how your hand-eye co-ordination and catching abilities will sharpen the longer you practice behind the wickets! By attending our cricket camps, all participants can expect to get the opportunity to practice wicket-keeping! With all necessary age-specific kits and gear provided! There’s just no telling how much you can improve your skill set at an ASC camp! So, contact us on 1300 914 368 to find out which camp is for you!  We do hope that you enjoyed this article! If your child has a passion for cricket and wants to practice more advanced and structured cricket drills, sign them up for one of Australian Sports Camps 3-day Cricket Camps! Additionally, if you have any questions regarding our camps and for all other enquiries, please contact us on 1300 914 368! We look forward to seeing you at ASC cricket camp this coming school holidays! 

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