Front Foot Batting Video Tutorial

In this short video, we work through some great front foot batting tips.  These tips will improve your technique and make it harder for bowlers to dismiss you. The lessons are given by Peter Dickson from Community Sports Camps. Peter is currently captain of Premier Cricket Club Fitzroy Doncaster and has been involved with the Victorian Bushrangers. Peter has spent much of his adult life playing cricket around the world.  Also, working with children of all ages developing their sporting skills and promoting the game.  He is passionate about all sports.  Moreover, Peter believes that team sport gives children essential life skills throughout their early years. Some of the topics covered in the coaching video for front foot batting are:

1. Importance of Technique

With the popularity of Twenty20 cricket, there is a danger of some kids thinking that proper technique is not required.  Instead, they may think that if they have enough power, they can just swing and hope. However, even some of the more flamboyant T20 stars, such as Glenn Maxwell, have spent many years developing proper technique.  Before trying more advanced and risky shots in the short form of the game.

2. Why Having Fun Is Crucial

In the past, some of the batting drills that kids were encouraged to practice took a lot of fun out of the game.  Peter explores the modern belief that you’ll get better results if you have more fun whilst practising technique.  Also, he offers some great examples that you can try, straight away, at home.

3. Appreciating Players Natural Flair

No two players are ever exactly the same.  So, while the importance of proper technique is crucial, we always need to be careful not to suppress a player’s natural style and flair.

4. Comparing David Warner and Chris Rogers

Peter briefly explores the differences between the batting styles of Australian Cricket stars David Warner and Chris Rogers.  Also, explaining why even though they are very different, they have both been successful at the highest level.

5. The Most Common Batting Mistake

For many years, coaches have been teaching players to hold their bat with the “V” between their thumb.  As well as placing their index finger lining up with the blade of the bat. Also, Peter explains why this is one of the worst habits you can pick up as a young batsman or woman.  Plus, he shows you a more effective approach.

6. Waiting For The Ball To Come To You

Lastly, Peter explores why it’s crucial that you wait for the ball to come into your perfect hitting zone.  This is instead of chasing the ball, which often leads to lofting the ball, making it easy to catch.


So, we hope you learnt some great tips from Peter’s video on front foot batting. In addition, if you’d like to take your cricket to the next level, or just learn the basics the right way, Australian Sports Camps run 3-Day Cricket Training Camps every school holidays.  Please click that link to find out more about the next camp dates near you.

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