What Equipment Does My Child Need To Play Soccer?

It’s an exciting time when your child gets to the age where they’re ready to start participating in a team sport. Your child’s enthusiasm will be infectious but it can also be a little daunting for parents, especially if your child chooses a sport that you are not familiar with.  So, what equipment does my child need to play soccer? Of course, as parents we want our kids to be fully prepared.  Plus, be ready with all the equipment they need for their first big match. Fortunately, it will relieve the minds and hip pockets of many parents to know that soccer is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started. Here we have outlined the equipment that your child will need to play soccer.

kids performing soccer drills and training


Soccer boots will be one of the most important things you purchase for your child when they start playing soccer.  Also, soccer boots are  known as ‘Cleats’.  Which, refers to the name of the stoppers on the bottom of the shoes. Your child will require a certain type of shoe depending on the type of surface they will be playing on. For hard surfaces, longer, wedge-shaped boots are ideal.  And, for softer surfaces, shorter cleats are best.  So, if your child will be playing on both surface types throughout the season, you can purchase soccer boots that come with removable cleats so they can be swapped over when needed. It is important to ensure that your child has a pair of soccer boots that fit properly and provide adequate support before playing to avoid blisters and injuries. Shoes that have been handed down too many times may become unstable and no longer capable of providing the support a young player needs. Remember that kids grow out of shoes fast, so check their soccer boots regularly to see when it’s time to have them replaced.  


Getting their soccer shirt or jersey (alternate name), will be a highlight for any budding soccer player.  A soccer shirt identifies which team a player is on.  As well as, providing a sense of unity within the team. Also, depending on the weather and team preference, soccer shirts can have long or short sleeves.  Also, the club registration fee usually covers the shirt cost. In terms of shorts, soccer shorts are different from regular shorts.  Being made of specific material that’s soft yet durable.  Also, soccer shorts enable players to stretch their legs during play without easily tearing apart. They also help players to stay cool during a game. The colour and design of the shorts are generally specific to your club.  And the club sometimes provides them or they may have to be purchased separately. Soccer socks are thicker and longer than normal socks to help protect your child’s feet from blisters and to help to keep shin guards in place. As with soccer shorts you will need to confirm with your club if these are provided with registration or will need to be purchased separately. Fun-Soccer-Training-Drills

Shin Guards

During a game of soccer, your child’s shins will be one of the most vulnerable parts of their body due to the high possibility of contact during heavy tackles. Wearing shin pads is absolutely essential for children of all ages and abilities while playing soccer, in order to protect their shins from possible cuts and injuries. Players wear shin pads under their socks.  Plus, they come in two varieties.  The first, slips over the foot like a sock.  The second, straps around the back of the calf with Velcro.  Also, it’s important to make sure the shin guards you purchase are the correct size and thickness for your child. So, that they provide proper protection and that they fit securely into their soccer socks.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is another essential piece of equipment that every child will need if they want to play soccer. Experts advise that kid’s drink fluids, preferably water, before, during and after every game and during training, to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. This is just as important in cold weather as it is in hotter climates.

Soccer Ball

In terms of the equipment your child needs to play soccer,  They won’t be required to bring their own ball to a game or to training.  However, it’s still important for them to have their own ball at home.  Allowing them, to practise and improve their soccer skills. Also, soccer balls can vary in both cost and quality.  However, if your child is serious about playing soccer.  And, plans on playing often.  Then, it’s worth investing in a medium to high quality ball.  Moreover, purchasing a good quality ball will be more cost effective over the long term.  As, cheaper balls suffer from wear and tear a lot quicker. Soccer Balls come in different sizes depending on the age of the child. Be sure to get the right size ball for your child and check that it is the same size that they are using for games and at training. Soccer is a fantastic team sport for both boys and girls of all ages.  And, as you can see from this article, involving your child in soccer is very simple.  As, it doesn’t require lots of equipment for your child to play soccer and get them started.

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