6 Tips on How to Create the Parent – Child Bond in Childhood Sports


As we grow older, we meet people that come and go into our lives. We develop casual, intimate, platonic, and deep relationships with special individuals who then make an impact on our lives whether we know it or not. However, the most impactful kind of bond we develop is over the people who raised us. Whether they are related to us by blood or by bond, our parents come into our lives to help us become the independent people we are today. In order to grow into responsible, physically fit adults, one of the factors that we need to take into consideration is how we were raised. If there is a healthy parent-child bond, kids are likely to develop better interpersonal skills, discipline, and good communication. The parent-child bond boosts and cultivates the physical, emotional, and social development of the child. Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the people were restricted from doing a lot of outdoor activities. Since parents are working from home, they’ve either had more time to spend with their kids or they don’t have any time. Also, kids don’t get as much activity as they’re supposed to. In fact, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “less than one-quarter (24%) of children 6 to 17 years of age participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day.” Parents are encouraged to bond with their children in fun ways such as sports. Encouraging your little one to join sports, whether it be at home or when the COVID-19 situation dies down and things can go back to “normal,” will not only be beneficial for your bond with them as parents but also other factors like your child’s health and wellbeing. In this article we’ll be giving you tips on how to build your bond with your kid as well as igniting their passion in sports.

What are the 6 Tips on How to Create the Parent-Child Bond in Childhood Sports?

1) Introduce fun activities to your child

As a parent, you want to look up different activities that you and your kid both enjoy but will also keep you both active. These activities can range from cooking together, playing basketball together, dancing in the living room, or kicking a soccer ball through the yard. If you’re interested in introducing basketball to your child, why not check out our compilation of the  Best Indoor Basketball Hoops that you can get for you and your kid? These basketball hoops are guaranteed to bring hoops of fun and fitness to your household. It is essential that you hone in on an activity that your child truly enjoys and that he or she does not feel forced to do it with you. Otherwise, that activity will feel like a chore to them and you want to avoid that. Try to think of activities that you enjoyed as a kid or see what kinds of activities your kid likes doing while he or she is alone. With enough luck, your encouragement will give them that spark of interest that will keep them invested in the sport as they grow older.

2) An active parent is an active child

Whether we notice it or not, kids are fond of copying what they see in their parents.  Even if they are just simple tasks. Set an example to your children.  So, they can see that since you, the parent, are doing it, they will also feel encouraged to do the activity with you. This link is crucial in getting your child to feel connected to you. By spending more and more time doing that activity, you will be able to identify if your kid likes that particular sport or not. If not, then you may look for another activity to do. The key here is consistency!

3) Explore sports with your child

Speaking of trying out activities, it’s a lot better for you to ask your kid what they are interested in. Normally, children will tell us that they dislike doing a particular activity.  And, will feel as though they are doing it for the sake of doing it.  Or, worse, they’ll only do it because you said so. These are mindsets that we want to avoid for your kids. Encouraging children to do sports at an early age gives them these benefits while they are growing up. That being said, as a parent it’s still not too late for you to try out a sport with your child.  Even though you weren’t particularly physically active before. Especially in this pandemic, we want to make sure that our mental and physical health are at its peak. A pretty good sport to encourage your kids is basketball. Luckily, people in Australian Sports Camps and Make Shots can help jumpstart your basketball experience. Make Shots is a site created for individuals who play and love basketball.  With everything from in-depth product reviews to expert basketball advice.  Australian Sports Camps provide sports coaching tuition every school holidays across Australia.

4) Be the coach

As parents, you know what is best for your child. You know that by being an encouraging parent, you can help them grow into responsible and independent adults. Your kids will rely on you while you teach them something new.  Especially when you introduce them to new activities like sports.

5) Provide constructive criticism

For your child to avoid feeling like doing activities with you is a chore, it’s good to provide constructive criticism whenever they make a mistake or error.  So, that they feel encouraged to continue instead of giving up. Usually, kids tend to think negatively about a certain activity because they think that they are bad at it.

6) Set milestones with your child

Achieving goals that you set with your child when learning a new sport will give your kid the sense of satisfaction.  It will inspire them to keep up their good work. Keep a record of this milestone tracker so your child will be able to see their progress. For new learners of basketball, you can set goals like “Score 15 points”.  Then, gradually add more points as the child develops his or her shooting skills. As the child develops more skills, and as he or she grows older, they will be able to see the milestones that they accomplished when they were younger. As the child keeps hitting those milestones, he or she can look back at them and feel motivated to set more.  To reach more, and achieve more. Parent & Child


With these tips are on your mind, you now know how to encourage your child to be more active and start playing sports at a young age. Remember that when doing these activities, you need your kid’s best interests at heart.  Also, that you want to genuinely bond with them. Being their mentor, friend, and parent will teach them a lot of things.  Furthermore, they will hold you as one of the people that they look up to. Someday, they might even want to encourage their own kids to play sports.  Just like you encouraged them when they were little. Author Name: Aaron Connolly Aaron Connolly is the author behind Make-Shots, which is a free resource offering expert research information on basketball. Here, he writes and publishes basketball news, offers tips, suggests sports gear, and gives advice to individuals who love and actually play basketball.

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