Kids Netball Camps in Upper Mount Gravatt – Hibiscus Sports Complex – A Parent’s Guide

These holidays, Australian Sports Camps (ASC) will once again run their kids netball camps in Upper Mount Gravatt.  They’re held at Hibiscus Sports Complex.  So, we’ve assembled this guide to give parents an idea of what to expect from our camps.  As well as, what your child can gain from attending. ASC sports camps run four times a year, for kids aged 6 – 16.  In addition, we cater to all skill levels. Plus, ASC employs netball coaches with a minimum Level 1 coaching qualification.  Thus, ensuring a 1:10 coach to participant ratio.  So, that your child receives the individual attention required to maximise their skill development. Furthermore, our coaching panels are also joined by guest sporting talent.  Elite athletes that work with your kids and pass on the knowledge they’ve gained from playing at the highest level of the game. Netball-Camps-at-Hibiscus-Sports-Complex

Kids Netball Camp, Brisbane Snapshot: Hibiscus Sports Complex

Date: The Children’s Netball camp in Upper Mount Gravatt, at Hibiscus Sports Complex, runs every school holidays for 3 days. Time: 9am – 3pm each day.  We recommend arriving 10 – 30 minutes early on the first day to allow enough time to check in, and 10 minutes early on the other days.  On the final day of the camp, we will conclude with a short 10 – 15-minute presentation commencing at 3pm.  We invite all parents to attend. Location: Hibiscus Sports Complex, 90 Klumpp Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122 Sessions: Are, progressive and skills based.  Video capture and analysis features at every camp.  As well as, special skill sessions; structured drills.  Also, participants will receive a hand written coaches report and a comemorative group photo. RRP: $295 (although early bird and group offers are available).  Please see the website for further details:

The Venue — Hibiscus Sports Complex

Hibiscus Sports Complex is located in Upper Mount Gravatt, a bustling Brisbane suburb.  Which, is often described as a mini CBD.  Also, this kids netball camp in Upper Mount Gravatt, utilises up to 4 indoor multi-purpose courts.  Hibiscus Sports Complex was previously used for QLD state netball training.  So, it’s a top facility. Hibiscus_Gardens_Sports_Complex QLD Netball Camp, Upper Mt Gravatt

What to Bring

  • Comfortable netball wear — Children should wear something they feel comfortable playing and training in.  Also, as this camp uses indoor courts, children must wear rubber soled shoes.
  • Drink bottle – Drinks are provided daily and water is available to all kids.
  • Lunch —Please bring a packed lunch in a clearly labelled lunch box.  But, keep in mind ASC has a strict nut free policy.

Also, ASC provides fruit snacks throughout each of the days.  Moreover, some other things you might want to keep in mind are making sure their lunch, clothes and all their belongings are clearly labelled with their name.  We recommend avoiding bringing items that you wouldn’t want to get dirty, damaged or lost and these items include valuables, electronics and jewellery. Spending money isn’t necessary.  Also, avoid bringing lollies and chewing gum.

Camp Itinerary- How it Works

Over 3 days we provide your children with 18 hours of sports coaching between the hours of 9am to 3pm.  Each day at our kids netball camp in Upper Mouny Gravatt, has its own structure.  And, has been designed to cover all areas of Netball.  Including, the important foundation skills required for kids to start mastering and improving their game.  More importantly, it’s been designed to maximise enjoyment and ensure that kids are having fun for the entire 3 – day camp. Listed below is a sample day structure: 9:00 – Structured Warm-up 9:10 – Defensive Skills Session 10:00 – Drinks Break 10:10 – Midcourt Skills Session 11:00 – Specialist Player Coaching Session 11:50 – Lunch 12:30 – Agility Session with Technology 1:10 – Attacking Skills Session 2:00 – Drinks Break 2:10 – Video Record and Analysis Session 2:50 – Structured Warm Down

Training Drills

A combination of some of the best Netballers, including past and former Australian Diamonds Squad members, and experienced coaches makes this children’s netball camp in Brisbane, perfect for experienced players looking to maximise their skills.  Whilst, also becoming the best Netballer they can be.netball-camps Also, we cater to young and inexperienced players.  With our specialised skill development training, which gives kids players a taste of different positions and allows them to develop skills across all areas of the game.  Because they aren’t pigeon holed in one position, kids strengthen their abilities in all areas.  Meaning, they’re less likely to get bored and frustrated, causing them to lose interest in the game. Also, it also allows the children to learn from each other.  ASC allows kids to try different player positions and learn skills without the pressure of a real competition.  That way, if they choose to join a club in the future they have the experience behind them to know what suits them best. We have a wide range of training drills and exercises spread out across three days. We also use state of the art digital video coaching software and provide you and your child with a unique written report from their coach at the end of the camp.  This helps children work out where their strengths lie, and what areas need extra attention for fast improvement.


At our kids netball camps in Brisbane, we only employ coaches with a minimum Level 1 coaching qualification.  In addition to, senior coaching staff with years of experience.  Our overall group coach to participant ratio is 1:10 to ensure your child receives the Gretel Tippettindividual attention they require.  In addition, our camps also feature guest appearances from leading Netball players, to deliver top-level training for all participants, and the chance for kids to meet their sporting idols. Our sporting talent varies each school holidays, but to give you an idea of the calibre of talent we have in attendance, for the last 4 camps we have been joined by Gretel Tippett.

Gretel Tippett

Gretel is a professional netballer for the Queensland Firebirds, and was part of the 2015 and 2016 Premiership winning teams.  In recognition of her talents at the international level after the Firebirds’ 2015 ANZ Champion win, she earnt her maiden Australian Diamonds cap. Tippett has represented Australia for the ‘Fast 5 Flyers’ and was part of the Silver Medal winning Youth World Championships team in 2013.  She comes from a strong sporting family, with two brothers playing in the AFL.  Her advice for our young players is to train how you play.

Book a Netball Camp Online Today

Bookings are open for our Autumn camps.  However, places fill quickly, and early bird and group offers apply.  So, we recommend visiting our website very soon for kids netball camps in Brisbane.  As well as, joining our mailing list for further information and advance information on guest stars and other important camp details.

Also, for any questions regarding our camps and all other enquiries please contact us. We look forward to seeing you at an ASC camp this upcoming school holidays.

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