Children’s Basketball Tips – Improving Your 3 Point Shooting

We’ve put together these useful Children’s Basketball Tips on Improving Your Child’s’ 3 point shooting.  However, I want to start this article by saying there are NO shortcuts to improving your 3 point shooting.  So, if you really want to become a great basketball player.  As well as, play at the highest level.  Or, even if you just want to be a valued 3 point shooter on your current team and help win the next championship.  It’s gonna take work. But when you can consistently hit shots from anywhere beyond the 3 point arc, it’ll well and truly be worth bit of blood sweat and tears you put into your practice.

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In this article we’ll give you the expert tips for improving your 3 point shooting.

1. Get Your Technique Right First

There’s no point spending hours in the gym practicing your 3 point shooting if you’re practicing with an incorrect technique. This will only reinforce bad habits that might give you some benefit in the short term, but will eventually put a limit on how good you can get at hitting three’s consistently. Here we have 4 of the most important elements to getting your form and technique correct for three-point shooting.

2. Be In Position When You receive The Ball

In a game situation, you need to be able to get your shot away as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be standing upright and flat footed when you receive the ball, otherwise by the time you are ready to shoot, the defender will be all over you. So, you need to get in the habit of being in position with your knees bent and ready to step or hop into your shot immediately when the ball reaches your hands. Top-Sports-For-Girls-In-Australia

3. Create A Strong Shooting Base

A strong, balanced shooting base will give you the best launching platform to make your shot. It will ensure that when you launch into your shot you do not fall away from the basket, instead jump straight up and down with perfect form. Yes there may be times when you are making a fade shot to get over the defender but this is the only time you will fall away from the basket and your starting position will still need to be strong and balanced to make the shot.

4. Find Your Perfect Shooting Rhythm Every Time

To be great shooter you need to shoot with the same form and technique on every shot, no matter how far from the basket you are. Your technique for shooting from a few metres from the basket should be exactly the same as your form for a long range 3-pointer. So this means you need to build up your strength and accuracy from close range and then slowly move it out (we’ll discuss drills to practice this in a moment). Over time you’ll build up your muscle memory and your shooting form will be identical on every shot, and your accuracy from any range will improve out of site. How-To-Play-Basketball-Like-Kobe-Bryant

5. Concentrate On Your Follow Through

Following through your shot and keeping your form and balance as the ball leaves your hands and flies through the air is critical. The aim is to land in the exact spot that you launched from and avoid falling away from your shot, as this is a clear indication that you are off balance and it’s highly likely the ball is not going in the basket.

6. Practice Makes PerfectASC Basketball Camp Kensington VIC

Now that you have your form and technique right and you are shooting with the same consistent action every time, you’re ready to get down to the hard work of practice. This is where you can become one of the great’s, no matter who you are, or how good you are at 3 point shooting right now. If you follow this practice schedule you’ll soon be making a large percentage of your shots from 3 point range.

7. Warming Up

Here we aim for an all-net shot before we move to the next position.  This strategy of, aim for an all net shot, helps you focus on the centre of the ring.  Thereby, making you more accurate. Also, you want to do this warm up at a jogging speed, to start getting the blood moving. Start on the base line around 4-5ft from the basket.  Then, shoot until you make an all-net shot.  Next, move back about half a metre and shoot again. Until you make an all net shot. Continue this but this this time start from right in front of the basket until you make a 3 pointer from the top of the key. Then start from the opposite side on the baseline and do it again until you have made 3 all-net-three-pointers.

8. Speeding It UpWA Basketball Camp, Claremont

The next part of your three-point practice follows the same process of shooting an all net-three then moving back.  Only this time you’re moving as fast as you can.  So, if you can, have someone there to rebound and pass your ball back.  Making things more like a real game.  But if you’re on your own you can rebound your own ball.  Then, pass it to yourself and get back in position for you next shot. In case you haven’t noticed, this is going to really improve your fitness.  As well as help you start getting used to hitting three.  Even when you are fatigued. simple-basketball-drills-for-kids

9. Real Game Simulation

The next part of the process requires a defender who is going to try to block you.  Also, steal the ball and put pressure on you at every turn. It’s no good being able to hit 3-pointer after 3-pointer while you’re running around leisurely by yourself.  Plus, you need to be able to do it under immense pressure.  Such as in a real game and this is how you practice that.

10. Repeat For Real Results

So, if you were to practice these great children’s basketball tips and repeat this 3-point training schedule a few time a week.  You’ll be hitting 100’s of shots from all over the court.  Under all types of situations.  Yes, it will take time but the rewards are worth it.  The better you get, the faster you’ll get through your shots. Also, at Australian Sport Camps 3-day Basketball Training clinics you’ll can learn many more techniques, drills and expert tips like these to hone your skills. All under the guidance of elite coaches and past and present professional players. Find a Basketball clinic near you.

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