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For over 33 years, ASC have provided the best sports coaching for Australian children aged 6 – 16. We offer interactive and fun skills-based programs to ensure that participants improve their game and love for their chosen sport. Over those years we’ve become the leader in sports coaching & school holiday programs in Hobart, TAS.

Tasmanian Sports Camps was acquired by Australian Sports Camps in 2013. It’s business as usual with quality coaching programs provided by skilled and committed Tasmanian Staff every school holidays.

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ASC offers 3 day camps operating from 9am till 3pm across all Tasmanian school holidays.
New camps in Hobart and surrounding suburbs will become available closer to specific term holidays.

Summer Holidays 2020/21 Commence December 17- Feb 3

Period Dates Length
Term 1 Wed 3 February – Wed 31 March 10 weeks
School Holidays Fri 2 April – Tues 20 April
Term 2 Wed 21 April – Fri 2 July 10 weeks
School Holidays Sat 3 July – Sun 19 July
Term 3 Mon 20 July – Fri 24 September 10 weeks
School Holidays Sat 25 September – Sun 10 October
Term 4 Mon 11 October – Thurs 16 December 10 weeks
2021/22 Summer School Holidays Fri 17 December – 1st February 2022


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provided the best in children’s sports coaching in Australia for the past 35 years

  • 18 Hours of Coaching

    18 Hours of Coaching

  • 3 Day Camps

    3 Day Camps

  • Specialist Skill Sessions

    Specialist Skill Sessions

  • Guest Star Appearances

    Guest Star Appearances

  • Video Analysis

    Video Analysis

  • Quality Facilities

    Quality Facilities

The camp was great fun. Both children developed skills while making it enjoyable. Coaches were very interactive and communicated well with the kids.

It was overall very positive and the kids made great connections with coaching staff and other participants.

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