The Soccer Mum Guide to Prepping the Car for the Soccer Season

Being a mum is a wonderful feeling, but being a soccer mum is even more special than that. Watching your kids’ practices and games, and feeling proud of their accomplishments is something you can’t put a price on. This is why moms around the world don’t mind investing all their time and energy into driving their children around and making sure they’re happy and fulfilled while playing soccer. If you’re one of these mums too, here are a few things you need to know about prepping your car for the Soccer Season .

Preparing your car Tip #1: Work on your schedule for the soccer season

Depending on where you live and how far away from your kids’ soccer practice you are, you might be spending quite a lot of time in your car every single day. This is why you should work on your schedule when prepping your car for the soccer season and make sure you’re always on time. Implementing the practices into your busy schedule might not be the easiest thing you’ll ever do, especially if you have a full-time job and your kids have tons of homework.

So, what you need is a new and improved schedule that will work for everyone involved. Make sure you have enough time to reach your home, your kids’ school, and their practice without speeding and putting your lives in jeopardy. And in case your children have too much homework, they can try doing it while you’re driving. This is a win-win scenario for everyone involved, and you’ll soon see that your new schedule is working in your favour!

Preparing your car Tip #2: Check your car before the soccer season begins

No matter where you live and how many kids you’ve got, driving them around in an unsafe car is one of the worst ideas in the world, hence the importance of prepping your car for the Soccer Season. A potentially unsafe vehicle can break down in the middle of the road, with you and your kids having no idea how to reach home. That’s why having your car inspected and checked is something you need to do from time to time, especially if your loved ones are about to start a new soccer season.

When it comes to making sure your car is in the right shape, there are two ways to go – you and your partner can do this on your own, or you could have a mechanic do that for you. Even if you possess the right skills and knowledge to do that yourself, asking for a professional’s opinion might be a better idea. These people will know what to look for and how to get your car ready for you and your kids, so don’t hesitate to do that right now!

Preparing your car Tip #3: Protect your car

In addition to making sure your car is in the right shape, you have to make sure it’s also safe and kid-friendly when prepping your car for the Soccer Season. In case something bad happens, you won’t be able to make it to the practice or game, and that’s something that will leave your child disappointed and sad. Since this is a scenario no parent wants to see, you should do whatever you can to protect your car and insure it against different dangers.

This is an important step no matter how old your car is and how much time you usually spend in it – all cars deserve to be protected and insured. Doing that will make you feel safe without spending too much money is the right move to make. This way, your car will be protected against theft, damage, accidents, and even natural disasters, which means you can hit the road freely and without worrying something bad might happen.

Preparing your car Tip #4: Maximize the drive during the soccer season

In addition to doing their homework, you kids can make the most of the time they’re spending in the car in several different ways. For instance, they could take a nap and relax after a particularly hard practice session. This will help their body heal and they’ll feel better once they reach their home, which means they can go on with their day without interruptions.

Also, you could use this time to talk to your kids and motivate them. Keeping them inspired and focused can be hard and challenging, so finding new and innovative ways to do so is always a great idea. What’s even better is that you won’t be wasting time and feeling stuck in awkward silence.


Being a soccer mum isn’t easy, but it’s a nice way to spend your life and always be there for your loved ones. They’ll surely notice your effort and keep leaving everything on the field time and time again! All the best with prepping your car for the Soccer season!


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