Best Australian Sports To Play In Summer

Summer in Australia is a great time of year! And with the school holidays fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about summer activities. It’s the best time of year to get your kids moving, active and out of the house for a while. The better prepared you are, the less likely it is that your child will spend all holidays lounging around the house, watching TV and playing on their Ipad. Not only will finding some great outdoor activities get them out of the house and out of your hair for a few hours, but it’s also crucial to their health and well-being. Every year more studies show that childhood overweight and obesity problems continue to grow. Furthermore, once they develop a habit of spending all their spare time on the couch instead of being active, it can often stay with them through adulthood as well. But not to worry. Here we have listed some of the best Australian sports to play in summer! So you’re never short of ideas when it comes to activities during the holidays.


Cricket is an iconic Australian summer pastime. Whether it’s playing in the backyard on Christmas Day, heading down to the local nets for a casual hit with friends or joining a summer cricket program, cricket is a great social sport. No matter what their fitness or skill level, any child can get involved with cricket! Cricket is also a great way to develop hand eye co-ordination and learn teamwork skills. Watching a professional game is also a great family activity. These days there are various formats to suit every family. From 5-day test matches for the cricket die-hards, to short 3hr Big Bash games that are designed for families and offer great entertainment for kids and parents alike. By taking your kids to see their heroes in action they’ll be even more excited to go out for a bat and bowl the next day. There are also great short Summer Holiday Cricket Programs run all over the country that teach kids the basic skills and rules of cricket. These programs will often have visits from stars of the game and are the perfect school holiday activity.


Basketball is a fast-paced, exciting sport for kids of all ages and genders. Most schools and many local parks will have a basketball court! Here your kids can play safely with other children from the neighbourhood. Basketball is great for developing cardiovascular fitness, agility, teamwork and confidence. For maximum enjoyment it’s important that your child learns the basic skills! So they can participate and feel like a valued team member when playing with friends. Summer Basketball Camps are the perfect way for your kid to learn the basics and give basketball a try before committing to a competitive team for a full season.



Soccer is now the number one team sport played by Australian kids aged 6-13! Coming in closely behind swimming as the number one activity for this age group. In the last 15 years the popularity of soccer has exploded due to the success of the A-League. In addition, the success of the Australian Socceroos in international competition. Soccer is a great sport for young kids as it’s easy to get started! With a very basic entry-level skill set and easy to understand rules. It’s also easy to play anywhere you have a small patch of grass and a couple of markers for goals. For kids looking to develop their skills further there are 3-Day Soccer Training Camps run all over the country where your child will improve their co-ordination and control skills, whilst also getting to meet and play with kids of their same age and skill level.


Another iconic Australian summer sport, Tennis combines a range of skills for kids who prefer individual sports and are quick decision makers. Tennis is great for developing fitness and hand-eye coordination! The sport can be played from a very young age. Especially with specially developed balls and light racquets made specifically for younger children. Many of the Summer Tennis Skills Programs use this modified equipment making it a great way for your child to learn the fundamentals of tennis and see if they have what it takes to become the next Lleyton Hewitt or Roger Federer.


Netball is a great team sport that combines a fast paced cardio workout with hand eye co-ordination! It’s ideal for developing teamwork and strategy. A female dominated sport, netball is ideal for getting your daughter out and meeting new friends, learning new skills and most importantly having fun. Easy to learn and play for all ages and skill levels. Netball is a hugely popular sport in Australia and again there are numerous Netball Camps run over the school holidays so your child can participate and learn the skills of the game with experienced coaches and past players. So, there are just some of the most popular and easy to learn Australian summer sports that your kids can get involved in these holidays. To ensure your kids don’t spend all holidays in their Pj’s watching movies or playing video games, why not sign them up for a kids sports camp and help to foster a lifelong love affair with sport and exercise.

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