NSW AEL Esports Program, Bankstown


17 April 2018
Bankstown Sports Club, Bankstown

The AEL Competitive Gaming Program in Bankstown is a one-day gaming experience for boys & girls aged 12 to 17, run by ASC partner AEL. The program is suitable for players of all abilities, with the practical component focusing on FIFA 18, whilst the theory side will touch on key elements from many other popular games. The gaming instructors are expert gamers, both professional and semi-professional, with years of combined experience playing and teaching all over the world.

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  • An innovative structured program covering all facets of competitive gaming and esports, designed to provide meaningful skill improvements to the next generation of players.
  • This enjoyable program is available for 12 to 17-year-old players of all standards and appropriate for each age level.
  • Guidance from 9:00am to 3pm each day.
  • Progress through a one-day program utilizing both individual and group based teaching.
  • Includes key modules on communication and team-building skills, plus coach feedback sessions.
  • The chance to learn new skills and make friends, while having fun playing the latest team-based video games on state of the art gaming systems.