Soccer Clubs For Kids In Melbourne

Soccer Clubs For Kids In Melbourne

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Soccer is the most popular club based sport to play in Australia and it seems that kids can’t get enough of it. It’s a common sight these days all over Australia to see boys and girls kicking a soccer ball around the oval at school or in the park on the weekend.

Soccer is a safe, accessible and inclusive sport which is why so many parents are keen to get their kids involved in a team at a local club; however, choosing which club to sign your child up with can be a confusing decision.

Here we’ve given you an introduction to some of the best soccer clubs for kids in Melbourne.

Brighton Soccer Club

Brighton Soccer Club is located at Dendy Park in Brighton and is the largest soccer club in Victoria with currently around 1,500 members. It is also the largest junior soccer club in Victoria which includes the highest number of girls.

Brighton Soccer Club focuses most of its time and energy into the development of their junior teams, catering for both elite and social players, with opportunities for boys and girls to play at all age levels and grades of Football Federation Victoria (FFV) junior competition.

ALDI Miniroos (previously small-sided football) is a small version of football designed to introduce kids to soccer in a fun environment. It has been played at Brighton Soccer Club since 2007 and provides the opportunity for boys and girls of all abilities and size to play soccer.

Brighton Soccer Club offer the following programs for kids:

  • U8-U11 Miniroos for boys and girls (mixed teams)
  • U7-U11 Miniroos girls only teams
  • U12-U18 Boys only football teams
  • U12-U18 Girls only football teams

Boys and girls in U12-U18 advance to 11-a-side games, where the players have an opportunity to undergo an assessment process to qualify to play in a graded team.

Brighton Soccer Club was founded in 1924 and has always maintained a strong focus and priority in nurturing and developing their junior players and teams.


Collingwood City Soccer Club

Collingwood City Soccer Club is based in Richmond, close to Kew and Hawthorn and has teams for both boys and girls from kinder through to junior and youth.

CCSC specialises in children and junior training programs and recognises that the style and focus of training with this age groups requires great patience and understanding to ensure that kids can participate in learning new skills in a fun filled environment.

CCSC offer the following programs for kids:

  • Kinder program
  • 6-7yrs Skills Saturday training program
  • U8-U11 Miniroos program
  • U12-U18 Junior and youth development program

These programs cover the basic fundamentals through to technical game training and allow children to develop and maintain a love of the game while enhancing their skills as they mature as players within the club.

CCSC also have a girls only specialised program for U5’s upwards, with the option to join a girls only team from U8’s through to U16’s.


Peninsula Strikers Junior Football Club

Peninsula Strikers Junior Football Club is one of the biggest clubs in the south of Melbourne with over 400 players from age 5 and up. They are located in Ballam Park in Frankston and offer programs for all ages and abilities from social/recreational players to those wishing to play at the highest level of competition.

Peninsula Strikers JFC offer the following programs:

  • U5-U7 Miniroos program
  • U8-U11 Miniroos program with the option of having mixed teams or separate boys and girls teams
  • U12-U18 Junior graded program where kids are put into teams based on experience and skill level

Peninsula Strikers JFC have invested in becoming a club that focuses on junior development and have joined up with T3 Australia to give a professional level of training to all their kids aged from U5 to U11. T3 Australia is an Australian football organisation empowering the grassroots level of football and focusing on bridging the gap between the highly skilled and less skilled players.


Eastern Lions Football Club

The Eastern Lions Football Club is located in Burwood and has close to 20 teams in the senior, junior and ALDI Miniroos teams. It’s their philosophy to provide their junior players with a structured soccer training program that provides a pathway for young players to develop to the highest level possible.

They have highly qualified, motivated and experienced coaches delivering age and ability appropriate training for boys and girls within first class training facilities.

The Eastern Lions Football Club offers the following programs for kids:

  • U5-U8 NPL Miniroos Squad for boys and girls (mixed teams)
  • U9-U11 NPL Sub Youth Squad for boys and girls (mixed teams)
  • U12-U18 NPL Youth Squad for boys

They also run extra programs that run for 8-10 weeks for 4-7 yrs and 9-11 yrs age groups. These programs are designed to further develop kids soccer kills while teaching freedom of play, creativity and confidence.


The soccer clubs that we have shared here all offer fantastic soccer training and development with the opportunity for kids of all ages and abilities to learn play in a team environment, and are just a small selection of the clubs that are available in Melbourne.

If your child is interested in playing soccer, but wants to develop their capability further, why not get them involved in a school holiday soccer camp.

Australian Sports Camps run 3 day coaching programs for kids of all standards to improve their skills under the guidance of top Australian coaches and players in a fun relaxed environment.