Nutrition Tips for Teenage Athletes

If you’re a parent of a teenage athlete, you’re probably the proudest and happiest person in the world! Knowing that your child is doing something great with their time and spending it in a healthy and productive manner, surrounded by other teenagers who are doing the same, usually means that your loved ones have an amazing future in front of them. However, just because you’ve done everything to guide them in the right direction doesn’t mean that your job is over – on the contrary, you still have a lot to do if you want to help your kids reach their full potential as athletes. In addition to sending them to amazing sports camps where they can perfect their skills, one of the ways to boost their career is to teach them how to take care of their nutrition. From the food they eat to the drinks they drink, there are lots of items they should and shouldn’t have, which is why learning these things is a must.

Whole grains and carbohydrates

This is another amazing way to help your kids reach the results they’ve always been dreaming of, but since most teenagers don’t pay enough attention to their breakfast and lunch, it’s your job to prepare their meals and pack them with tons of whole grains and carbohydrates. These will give them enough strength and power, as well as help their muscles heal after their game or training session, which is crucial for their performance and recovery.

Luckily, there are tons of different items you can try – from oats, quinoa, and cereals made from whole grains they can eat for breakfast to sweet potatoes, beans, and wheat bread they can eat for lunch or dinner – and all you have to do is make a proper plan. Make sure you come up with as many different food choices as you can and rotate them as often as possible, though. This will prevent your kids from getting bored and encourage them to eat these healthy items instead of fast food and other unhealthy choices that will ruin their performance.

Water, water, water

This might sound like the oldest trick in the book, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for your teenage sports fan. On the contrary, drinking lots and lots of water is the first step towards realizing their athletic goals and doing something good for their health. Water may not always be the tastiest and most exciting drink on the menu, but it’s the most refreshing option for tired and exhausted teenagers who just need something to bring them back and recover.

Of course, there’s no limitation to how much water your kids can drink every single day, but going bigger is always better, especially on game days. The same goes for days when your kids have their training sessions, so make sure they’re hydrated both before and after. If you’re driving them around, buy a few bottles of water and keep them in your car, just in case they get thirsty before reaching home.

Healthy snacks

All teenagers love snacks, and just because your kids are athletes doesn’t mean they’re not fans of these tasty things. And while most parents make a mistake and forbid their kids from eating snack, you need to change this paradigm and do something different. Instead of turning snacks into enemies, you need to find healthy alternatives and make the most of their benefits.

And these benefits are numerous – if you choose properly, these snacks will restore your kiss’s energy after their games, give them more strength, and help them recuperate after a hard training session. So, just make sure you find adequate healthy products that are both tasty and healthy – things like banana chips, dried mango, veggie crisps, and chia seeds will boost your teenagers’ energy level and make them feel amazing, which makes this a win-win solution for all young athletes out there.

Fruits and veggies

In the end, you can’t have a balanced diet without your five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. This means that you need to eat this natural and healthy food at least five times every single day because that’s the best way to maximize their effects. This is especially true for teenage athletes who need energy and strength because their bodies are still developing and need all the help they can get, but also because they need fuel for their sports activities.

When it comes down to which fruits and vegetables to choose, you don’t have to worry too much as basically all choices are fine. From apples, oranges, and bananas to carrots, broccoli, and cucumber – anything will work as long as your teens aren’t overdoing it. Some fruits have lots of sugar, and that’s something you need to avoid, but as long as your kids are eating fruits and veggies instead of pizzas and chocolate – you’re good!


Taking care of your teenage athlete’s nutrition might sound like the easiest thing in the world, but if you’re trying to do things right, you’ll realize that this can get quite hard. So, just follow these tips, adjust them to your kids’ needs, and watch them grow into healthier, happier, and successful athletes!

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