How To Find The Best Deals On Kids Sports Equipment

How To Find The Best Deals On Kids Sports Equipment.  As parents we all know how beneficial it is, both physically and socially, for our kids to get involved in sports. However, it’s not always beneficial to our hip pocket.  Also, the costs of getting our kids started in sport can sometimes put a lot of added pressure onto families, especially if you have more than one child. We don’t want to let our kids down and want them to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to them. Here we will share some suggestions on how to find the best deals on sports equipment for your kids, so that they can get involved in their chosen sport without it becoming an unnecessary burden for us financially.

Plan Ahead

If you know that your child will be continuing on with their sport next season or wants to start playing sport for the first time then start shopping around early. Keep your eyes and ears open during the holidays and off season for any sporting sales. Of course buying sports outfits during the off season might not be beneficial because kids grow so quickly, but you can save on other essential equipment such as basketballs, hockey sticks, soccer nets and protective gear if you take advantage of the sales. Another way of getting the best deals for kids sports equipment, is to subscribe to the emails and catalogues of your local sporting shops.  So, you’re aware of when your sought after sporting equipment is being discounted.  Plus, Some sales don’t last long.  So, this is the best way to avoid missing out. Planning ahead also lets you work out exactly how much you will need to spend on sporting equipment for the upcoming season. Knowing this in advance will allow you put a savings plan in place specifically for this sporting equipment, so the money is there when you need it.

Buy Secondhand Equipment

Buying secondhand is a popular way to find the best deals on kids sporting equipment. Kids grow so quickly.  Which, often means that if you’re buying sporting uniforms and footwear for your child secondhand, it’s probably only been worn for one season, maybe less, so is usually still in good condition. The same can be true for sporting equipment. Kids can be fickle, so the sport they may be in love with this season might not interest them the next, which provides a great opportunity to buy some used equipment that is practically brand new. Joining specific Facebook groups such as your local buy, swap and sell and local Facebook sporting groups is another great way to find bargains on secondhand kids sporting equipment. It’s an easy way for sellers to reach a large customer base.  Also, if you’re a member of these groups, you can receive notifications when new ads list.  Thus, allowing you to get in quick and grab a bargain. Other excellent ways to find the best deals on children’s secondhand sporting equipment are sites like Gumtree ( and eBay ( keeping an eye out for local garage sales. A lot of sports clubs also advertise used equipment and uniforms for sale at great discounts from players that no longer need them.

How To Find The Best Deals On Kids Sports Equipment Plan Ahead

Word Of Mouth

This can be a really successful way to find fantastic deals on kids sporting equipment.  So, just chatting to workmates or other parents in the schoolyard about your kids involvement in sport.  And, what you’re needing to buy them for the upcoming season, can open up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s the person you’re talking to or someone they know, there is quite often a pair of unworn soccer boots under a bed or a hockey stick that is collecting dust in a bedroom somewhere that needs a new home. The former owners are usually quite happy to see them put to use which means a great bargain for you. Parents at your sporting club are probably in the same position as you.  Plus, you might find that you can do some great swaps as new kids are just starting.  And, older ones outgrowing their current equipment.  So, this is a win for everyone.  Moreover, it never hurts to ask around.

Get The Most Out Of The Equipment You Already Have

If money is really tight, then it’s important to get the most value and use out of purchased equipment.  Accordingly, this may mean buying a uniform that is slightly bigger, but wearable.  So, that you get more than one season out of it.  This really can be a great way of getting the best deal on kids sports equipment. This scenario probably isn’t practical when it comes to footwear.  As, properly fitting shoes are extremely important when playing sport. However, if you have a younger child that you know you can pass the shoes or boots down to.  Then, ensure that when you first buy them, that they’re gender neutral.  Therefore, something that both children will be happy to wear when the time comes. Buying the best quality sporting equipment you can afford the first time, will save you money in the long term.  At the time, it might seem economical to buy the cheapest version.  However, too cheap usually means poor quality.  Which, may leave you having to spend more money sooner to replace the equipment.  So, if you spend that bit extra to start with.  Then your child will get a lot more use out of their sporting equipment.  Thus, saving you money overall. Sports-for-boys Playing sports is a fun and exciting time in a child’s life.  Plus, it’s a great way for them to stay active, build self confidence and learn important social skills.  So, if your financial situation is preventing your child from participating.  Then, hopefully implementing some of the ideas above will help you get started.

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