5 Ways to Get Kids Cricket Coaching in Melbourne

Cricket…Australia’s national pastime and great all-round game.  Many of us even like to play cricket on special holidays, such as, Christmas Day or Australia Day.  Plus, it’s a great game to play for the dedicated athletes, as a professional career offers a great lifestyle.  Not to mention, a handy pay check these days with test matches, one-dayer’s and the highly lucrative T20’s. But, it all must start from somewhere.  So, finding a great coach or mentors to learn the skills and subtleties of the game from is very important if you want to become a good cricket player. For young children, there are many options available to get kids cricket coaching in Melbourne.  And in today’s article we’ll look at 5 ways to get kids cricket coaching in Melbourne.

Cricket Camps

Holiday based cricket camps are one of the best ways to introduce your child to cricket.  Or, if they’re already playing, taking their skills and passion to the next level.  Australian Sports Camps has been running cricket camps in Melbourne and around Australia, for over 35 years. These camps are tailored to each child’s skill level.  So, they will be in groups with other kids of the same age and ability. Over the years, many of Australia’s (and the world’s) most famous and successful cricket starts have come through The Australian Sports Camps programs.  Both as students and as coaches including:

  • Justin Langer
  • Dean Jones
  • Brad Hodge
  • Chris Hartley
  • Doug Walters
  • Stuart Law
  • Joel Garner, and many many more

kids-cricket-sports-camp Some more benefits of these 3-day cricket camps include:

  • Specialist skills programs.  Including, nets sessions, centre wicket play, bowling machines sessions, fielding skills, running between wickets and dedicated training sessions for all types of bowling (fast, swing and spin bowling), wicketkeeping and batting technique.
  • Training sessions with some of Australia’s best international cricket stars and qualified coaching panels.
  • Video analysis using state of the art digital video capture & playback software.
  • State of the art facilities and full equipment included such as…
    • age-specific kits and gear.
    • bowling machines.
    • turf/synthetic nets.
    • indoor facilities in the case of rain or extreme heat.
  • Unique written coaches reports with great feedback so your child knows what they need to focus on.  And, what strengths they can develop.
  • Discounts for families, and groups from clubs or schools.

The quality of the coaches at these camps is second to none.  Therefore, great at keeping you child learning and developing during the school holidays.

School Cricket

Many of Australia’s best cricketers started their love of the game in the schoolyard.  As well as, through local school competitions. Many schools include cricket as part of their physical education curriculum.  Also, many have school teams who compete against other local schools. So, if your child is interested in joining the school team, you should call the school to find out how they enrol.  This will ensure they don’t miss out, as positions can often fill up fast. Schools can provide great options for kids cricket coaching in Melbourne. Also, your child may be able to borrow cricket equipment from the sports shed at lunchtimes to play with their friends in the school yard.  Which, is a great way to develop skills whilst having fun.

Local Junior Competitions

Grassroots cricket is alive and well in Australia.  With most suburbs having cricket clubs that have junior teams for all age levels.  Joining a local cricket team can be great fun.  However, it’s also a big commitment, with regular practices and games each week.  So, you want to be sure your child is dedicated before paying the sometimes-hefty registration fee.  As well as, buying all the required equipment. If your child is committed to playing cricket, then joining a local team will make them into a better player.  Especially, if you find a club with a knowledgeable and friendly coach and dedicated support staff.

Local Neighbourhood Cricket

The great thing about starting cricket is you only need a bat and a ball and a small bit of space.  For generations, kids play cricket all over their neighbourhoods including:

  • In the backyard
  • In the front driveway
  • Down the local nets
  • Street cricket (if you live in a cul de sac)
  • In the local park

For kids learning the game of cricket, it can be very productive playing with other neighbourhood kids.  Perhaps kids who are a little older and a little more skilled, as they can learn through participation.  As a kid, playing cricket with friends, on the weekends and after school, can be a huge source of joy.  And, it’s also great for developing fitness, getting them away from technology and making friends in the neighbourhood.

At Home

If you yourself have a background in cricket, then that’s often the best way of starting your child.  Set-up some stumps in the backyard or in the driveway and start teaching some of the fundamentals of bowling batting and fielding.  Also, there are loads of simple exercises online that you can teach your kids and even ones they can do by themselves when you’re too busy. So, with so many options close by, to start developing skills and more passion for the game of cricket, there really is no excuse if that’s something your child wants to try.  Start small and who know they may just become the next Australian Test Captain.

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